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The Jersey City Housing Authority (JCHA) is requesting submissions from Developers to Qualify as
candidates to participate in a future closed Request for Proposals to Collaborate with the JCHA to redevelop and revitalize the Holland Gardens Apartments Community as a new Mixed-Finance, Mixed-Income, Mixed-Use Development based on the Vision approved by the JCHA Board of Commissioners. 

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Expanded Holland Gardens Vision

On November 4, 2020 the Jersey City Housing Authority Board of Commissioners approved a resolution authorizing the JCHA to explore the following elements as part of its Holland Gardens Vision:

  • Homeownership opportunities for moderate and low-income families

  • A branch of the Jersey City Free Public Library with embedded community space and JCHA Resident Empowerment and Community Engagement (RECE) Department Offices.

  • Commercial rental space for a grocery store, bank, or other retail establishment.


To read the full resolution, click here.

Holland Gardens Resident Meetings


A Holland Gardens Resident meeting was held virtually on Tuesday, November 17, 2020 to provide redevelopment updates to residents. A video of the meeting and a copy of the presentation can be found here


A virtual Information Session on the JCHA's Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) program was held for Holland Gardens residents on December 3, 2020. The presentation from the meeting can be found here


Built in 1944, close to the Holland Tunnel, Holland Gardens is a family public housing site operated and maintained by the Jersey City Housing Authority that consists of 5 low-rise apartment buildings containing 192 public housing units. In 2019, the JCHA Board of Commissioners approved a resolution directing the JCHA to explore and evaluate potential strategies for the revitalization of Holland Gardens in order to address the aging infrastructure of the site and quality of life concerns of residents.

Holland Gardens Visioning

From January through June of 2019, the JCHA sponsored a Visioning Process with the residents of Holland Gardens. To facilitate the process, JCHA retained the services of Kitchen & Associates (K&A), an architecture and planning firm highly experienced in affordable housing and urban redevelopment. Together, JCHA senior staff and K&A planners conducted a series of workshops and resident meetings that actively engaged residents and encouraged them to share ideas, evaluate alternatives, and come together on how the future of the Holland Gardens site would unfold. The success of this visioning process was driven by significant and consistent participation from Holland Gardens residents, who remained active and engaged throughout its entirety. Throughout the Visioning Process, Holland Gardens residents considered a wide variety of redevelopment options, and the resulting vision reflects the perspectives of the majority of Holland Gardens residents who participated. The final Visioning Process document can be viewed here.

Resident Relocation & Site Redevelopment

The results of the Visioning Process were approved by JCHA’s Board of Commissioners on July 10, 2019. Prior to starting the redevelopment process, the JCHA must go through a series of steps that involve review and/or approval by the JCHA Board of Commissioners, HUD and the City of Jersey City (See “What Happens Next?” Infographic).


Relocation of Holland Gardens residents is not anticipated to begin until Summer of 2022 at the earliest. The JCHA has committed to a one-to-one replacement of Public Housing (ACC) units upon completion of the project and continues to meet with Holland Gardens residents on a quarterly basis to provide revitalization updates and information about relocation (click here to view livestreamed videos of relocation sessions and documents from meetings).


The Relocation of residents will be subject to the standards put forth by the Uniform Relocation Act as well as the JCHA’s Resident Right to Return Policy.

To protect the right to relocation assistance and ability to return to the project upon completion of the revitalization, current Holland Gardens residents should not leave their unit until receiving a written “Notice of Relocation Eligibility” and meeting with their assigned Relocation Counselor at least one time.

All comments and questions can be submitted through this website by filling out the comment form or by:

  • Filling out the comment cards located at the Holland Gardens main office and the JCHA’s executive building.

  • Leaving a comment via this website here or emailing hgrelocation@jcha.us

  • Contacting the JCHA’s Department of Development, Modernization and Sustainability at hgrelocation@jcha.us or (201)-706-4628.

*Please note that the dates listed in this image were updated in November 2020 to reflect postponement of initial timeline estimates.

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